Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Gradual Distortion

Cream, Cheese, Butter n lots n lots of it for 7 months. Occasionally sprinkled with a couple of pegs once or twice a week combined with a lethargic lifestyle can turn a strappy man into a Fugu-The puffer fish.

I admit that I never have been lanky ever in my adult life, but, my body shape oscillates between athletic and slightly paunchy. But, now the situation has become a bit more interesting. Instead of carrying a single tyre, it seems that I am carrying a set of them and am moving towards a complete set of four.

I can and do excercise, but my vice is irregularity, which I practice with relegious virtuosity. I started running 4 miles on alternate days. But, the run lasted on only two alternate days and then woosh I am back to my couch potato lifestyle.

Due to my thick hide, I couldn't care less about sundry comments on my gradual change of shape from cylindrical to sperical. But, when the remarks start getting written in Scrapbuks and when your friends don't accept that this residual shape is the resultant affect of distortion from the web cam. Then, I guess its time to act.

Planning doesn't work unless and until your ass is on fire. So, no point in making flowery plans and never acting on them. This time it wil be like okay go and act. Hopefully, by the time I plan my India visit I will be able to get back to my strappy shape to get the damsels drool over me.

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