Monday, August 13, 2007

Me and the Art of Motorcycle Riding

The pleasure of riding a bike is contagious, the high of tight cornering, the zing of acceleration, the controlled high speed braking gets the adrenaline in your blood going and the composite feeling is truely ecstatic.
One of my initial rides was Hero Puch. With a 65 cc engine I used to lift both of its wheels in air. I loved the acceleration of that bike tcompletely. In its prime, I could easily take on a yamaha in 0-40 km drag race. I maintained it myself, changed the oil, cleaned the carburator, de-carbed the silencer, removed the silencer filter to enhance the Power(n the sound a bit ;-))...). It was my babe and all my friends envied it. Very faithful, frugal and snazzy ride it was.
I really wanted to take it to my B-School, but was advised by my more (supposedly) worldly wise brother-in-law against it, lest I be branded as a "Moped Vale Bhaiya". So, my Dad bought me a 100cc Black Hero Honda Passion. Though I admit that it was my decision to choose the bike as I was smitten by its Grand Prix styling looks. But, I soon realised, I had made a blunder as soon I rode it for the first time. It was anything but spirited, the gear ratio was beyond my understanding and its handling is one of the worst in its class. Nevertheless, I needed transpotation and after a little tweaking, it delivered enough power to ferry me(80Kg) and my friend(95Kg) Arijit to and fro to the Pubs of Saket(Delhi) and Gurgaon. Officially, it still holds the title of being my current bike. But, somehow I do not intend to keep it so for long, as I am done with it.
Today, somehow, ventured into the Craig's bikes segment today and started looking what's up for sale. It was truly a dreamworld unfurling before my eyes. Amongst the Kawasaki Ninja's, Honda CBR1100xxs, Honda CBR600RR and a couple of Suzuki GSXR-600s. I found the CBR1100xx most exciting, and given there wasn't much difference in price, I decided to read a review for this bike, trust me mid way during the reading of the review I decided that this bike was beyond me and decided to quit the idea of owning a bike altogether. For the first time I had looked at a ride and decided to give up, what's happening to me. But, still life is precious. So, I decided to look around further and I discovered comparatively sober CBR600RR with its stunning looks. I went through its comparison with GSXR-6 and others in the line. By the end, I was smiling knowingly and admiring. I have already made up my mind and will be going for the CBR600RR. It won't be happening anytime soon maybe in a couple of years.
Till I succumb to the call of the wild, I will try to remain contended with my trustworthy 4 wheeler ride - Toyota Corolla

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