Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Journey or the End

Doin what u like, Like what u Doin...

As the title says there are two kinds of people in this world... right... Wrong... none of them lies on one of the ends. All of us lie somewhere in between, whether you are a street urchin or a CEO, U luv some component of your job and U hate most of the others. Every child basically is the Alter Ego of his parents and this comes into play while he chooses his profession. The transition in choice of profession is like -

1 - Age 5 - I wannabe Pilot/Detective - The ones with Black Coat and Hat.
2 - Age 15 - Doctor/Engineer are the only feasible options, if you don't own family business
3 - Age 25 - I don't give a damn, just want the job which pays highest, wht Paris Hilton's personal gigolo got fired just now... can I apply ?
4 - Age 35-55 - We are content in our life, a loving family, a second hand car, a house(if lucky). What else does on want in life to be happy(No one says a great job... huh).

Well, I never liked studies, it was infra dig for me to subject myself to the monotonies of cramming the Social Sciences, but on the other hand I enjoyed the practicals very much and trust me I was better than some of the Professors at handling the Lab Equipments. But, like every sad love story I had to part ways with my beloved subjects. I loved Chemistry, but had to drop it in favour of Comp Sc in Graduation, n when I started liking Comp Sc, I again had to part ways to be subjected to the annals of Management. Life sure has a consistency in dark humour.

To put icing on cake, I never work hard unless their is a dire need to and as I recall I just had done it twice in my academic life. Once, when I was in 8th standard, when I was madly in love(one sided) with an older girl in my colony. I worked very hard and got good marks as I thought the only way to bag her favours would be to have a gud job. But, somehow I realised the futility of it by the time it actually would have made a difference. I was humbled pretty bad when I royally screwed the Engineering Entrance exams. The agony of sitting in the Exam halls for 3 hours and not being able to solve even one questions was too much for my self respect, a splinter was driven deep into my heart which announced anything materialistic as a dire Sin.
After 3 painful years, the rigorous routine bore fruit and I made it to some of the prestigious B-schools. Immediately, I shunned the self imposed Spartan life style and got back to my old self. In B-school the CGPA system ensured that my grades remain respectful, even if I attend the classes half awake with a nasty hangover. The booming economy and some gud sense landed me a job in IT industry and I started a new journey.

Whenever, I look back I still ponder, which time was better, the one in which I worked hard and continuously tested myself or the one in which I enjoyed the fruits of my labour. Perhaps, the fruits appear good for the society, but for myself I definitely prefer the journey rather than the end.

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