Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wam Bam Thank you Ma'am

I didn't want to start my India blogging on this note, but can't help. The feelings are mixed and I guess I should vent them out lest they become stale and die out.

Yesterday, yet another day of serial blasts in Delhi. These blasts were termed as something caused by "Home Grown" devices and agencies. For most of us it the effect of this news was same as that of another flick releasing in Bollywood. The Politicians were quick to respond and started baking their political bread in funeral pyres, the news channels were quicker, they tried to project every rumor as the "Fact" based report. But, if the news channels could report the finding of "Ravana's Mummy" and "Visualisation of Lord Rama" then anything is possible for them.

Life keeps moving on for all of us, its not that it doesn't hurt now, but with so much of catastrophes happening in all directions, it becomes just one of the happenings and we become desensitized to the pain. The floods in Assam/Bihar, the relegious clashes in Orissa, the venomous speech in Maharashtra, the usage of Molotov cocktails in Kashmir, the Naxalites in Andhra, Jharkhand and Bihar and I am sure similar number of unrests would have been missed because they could not be reported.

Contrast this with the 9/11 of US. Since then, US has tightened the noose around the forces which believe that they can treat the human life frivolously. Russia guards its peace aggressively. UK deals with terror with an iron hand. Even Saudi Arabia has a strong stand against such powers.

Then why do we always act like sitting ducks. The criminals who attacked parliament who should have been summarily executed are still waiting to be pardoned. Similar cases will be pending against hundreds of thousands of other people responsible for such dastardly acts.

Instead of issuing fiery statements against people/agencies. Is there someone who will be able to take some action and translate the verbal venom in blood and sinew and let the other party know that when it hurts it hurts bad.

Seems, that we will have to take a decision and take it fast before these cowards become even more capable and ruin many other innocent lives.

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