Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bye Bye American Pie... Part 1

Sitting on the Hong Kong airport, with body clock unsure of the time zone, looking like a vagabond after 12 hours of being straight jacketed in a seat, oogling at a nicely dressed up Indian girl sitting across me, I have just one thing in mind - How the Hell do these girls manage to look so fresh and still enticing after such an ordeal which has left me in such a shape, that judging by appearance only a pet dog would like to come near to me. Anyways, she is giving me those questioning looks which normally girls living abroad give, otherwise the Indian girls just start smirking(the gud ones)and feigning an angry expression if they see any univited interest approaching them via any media visual ones inclusive. Gosh, is it her or the combined effect of vodka peg, fatigue and foggy glasses which are creating this hallucination.

Enough digression, lets come to the point - the day I arrived in US I was very excited and unsure of many things, but going back after 1.5 years I have a smile of satisfaction glued to my face. As I look back I see 18 months of of unadulterated adventure sports, driving fabulous cars on one of the best freeways, forging some excellent and long lasting bonds of friendship with some very special folks which ever will walk this earth, partying at some of the most lively pubs, gambling at the world's best casinos, eating the cuisines I would have never tried in India(... specially Mediterranean ones@ Kan Zeman...wink wink ;)...), riding the first roller coaster of my life in real and literal sense and of course meeting my childhood hero Mickey Mouse... (See Mom, I told you he ain't a cartoon... but a real life hero...)
Hearty thanks to all the guys for making my stay comfortable and enjoyable... I really look forward to meeting all of you sometime.

I will definitely keep on puring other parts of this series, so folks do keep on visiting for more.

Till then, Dasvidanya.


Arijit said...

Kewl!!!!!!!!! Good One .Its seems.....sanket bhai.....maaze lete lete India ja rahen hain...


Navab said...

Thanks Gunjan and Samy, Keep visitng, will definitely put some more experiences.

iamon said...

back to India?!! welcome back buddy! :)