Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bloop Bloop ... bleep Bleep

Bloop Bloop... bleep bleep...

As I performed one of the mandatory and relaxing routines periodically performed by the man - kind since age. I heard these familiar yet strange electronic beeps. Next thought which crossed my mind was I thought E GAD!!! please let the electronics not invade the most private of the domains. Let the electronic gadgetry not conquer the only undisputed territory where men folks still reign undisputed.

Even after I washed my hands religiously after the "Routine" for 20 seconds as suggested the electronics beeps didn't get washed off my mind. in vain, I scanned the bare walls for any clues. But, alas I couldn't find any.

After a fortnight or so, the idea faded from my mind, till today, when I again heard the same eerie beeps again, albeit in a different frequency, but with the same rhythmic irregularity. Perplexed again I looked at the walls for any signs of wires or wireless electronic devices.
I was about to leave the restroom with an uneasy feeling that finally Alien's electronic surveillance had broken the last realms of privacy, when I was surprised by a colleague who came out of the inner sanctums of the Rest room with a victorious smile on his face armed with his latest gizmo mobile. In a moment all the mystery shrouding the mysterious electronic alien beeps unfurled as he divulged that he finally reached the ultimate stage of his latest mobile game. I uh... ahem - ed to his achievement and smiled back, before turning back and swearing under my breath and swearing on such avid gamers who agonies their lesser enthusiastic counter parts with their pursuits.

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