Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Whoosh Whoosh... whoosh whoosh... this sound has a mesmerising effect on me, almost aphrodisiacal, it forces me to strive harder and exert myself to perform even better... I increase the speed and incline of this wonder machine which negates the effect of mankind's first attempts of locomation. After precisely 2-3 minutes I start panting like a dog and desperately try to reduce my running speed, so as not to be catapulted forward by the conveyor running below my feet.

I notice a cheshire grin on the face of graceful(read mid aged) lady who is on the treadmill next to me. In vain, I try to convince myself that the smile is resultant of the appetizing sushi dish being prepared on the TV monitor and not because of my recent stellar performance in athletics.

Precisely, at this point of time, enlightenment dawns and I realize the motivation behind the folks who visit gym as religiously as they practice their toilet routine. Its mortal folks like us, who compensate for the reality/comedy shows they would have missed on TV and provide them with enough entertainment to keep their motivation levels high.

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