Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Very Wet experience - Singapore Wet Market


All ye social network lovers n cynics, compulsive posters n liker's, Amateur detectives n Mafioso of the Virtual world. Today, I am going to invite you on a journey, filled with lots of ladies, in short dresses, brushing against your body. An adventure filled with soul stirring fragrances, colors, mouth watering delights and much more.

Ladies n Gentlemen - I bring you the Singapore Wet Market experience.

If you are still with me, i.e. you are not performing your Facebook rituals of jumping from one post to another. Then, let me introduce you to the concept of Wet Market in Singapore. Plainly speaking, it is actually, a loose translation of the Sabzi Mandi back home. With the same raw energy level of hawkers, screaming their lungs out,  ready to give 2 year warranty on already squishy tomatoes. But, the similarity ends there.

On my first visit, to the Wet Market, I was greeted by a smiling man toting Jack fruits in both his hands. But, the "distinct smell" emanating from the open fruits made me suspicious. Rummaging through my country specific knowledge, I realized its hugely popular "Durian" fruit which in all practical sense has the ability of curing, even the most stubborn blocked nose, by its "fragrance".

I politely, brushed him aside and entered the Sanctum of the Wet Market, immediately to be greeted by a large jostling crowd of "Aunties", trying to outdo each other in getting the freshest pick at the cheapest price. On the display cases, I was greeted by large eyes of various fishes ranging from few centimeters to a couple of feet. I instinctively cringed and moved slightly to the side, only to be stared at, by lifeless Hog Heads, christened "Pulled Pork". The fresh sardines, Crabs, Lobsters, squids and multiple unknown creatures of the sea, lying on various steps to heaven or on dinner plates, awaited next.

 Eager to change the scenery, I quickened my pace and went to a corner, which looked more green rather than red.

Next to a comparatively quiet Vendor, who was selling a local version of Pakodas, I started picking some familiar looking, non intimidating Veggies. When suddenly, out of the blue, a lady wearing a Mic started announcing benefits of some Ladies Undergarments fitted with electronic gadgetry. The chorus was soon joined by another seller, who demonstrated, how his Non-Sticky pots can't be scratched by a sharp knife. Noteworthy is the fact that sound affect of this act was as pleasant as scratching of Blackboard by long nails.

At this point, I called it quits and went back with 1 small bag filled with some leaves and couple of tomatoes.

Looking at my sullen expression and modest amount of my loot, my better half gave me bemused looks, to which I instinctively replied "Yeah, yeah !!! I'll visit it again sometime later this week"

I must confess, with time, the phobia of entering the Wet Market greatly reduced. But, before each visit, I still need to use some Auto-Suggestion, to muster the courage to plunge in this potpourri of groceries, flavors, fragrances (now read smells) and of course "Aunties"...

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