Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bye Bye American Pie - 2

"Time flies, I can't they can"

This silly expression was up for something, we had to punctuate when preparing for the b-school entrance. Never understood its meaninng then, not pretending that I do now. But, somehow it looks more and more meaningful to me.
Have been in and out US of A, for better part of 5 years. The last time I went back for "good" was two and a half years back. But, the "good" period lasted only for 6 months and had a one month trip to US included. Lets see how long this one lasts.

Going back in time, the introduction to US of A, started with the reading of "Inscrutable Americans". It was a nice, well researched book with wry humor. Even though, written good 20 years back, it still holds true in several aspects.

So, in this stint. I have earned some gray strands, a lot of adventurous memories and a PHD in indolence. Given a choice, I wouldn't like to replace much of it, but I definitely look forward to my next stint as my heart is craving for change.

I don't have much to say, right now. But, I am sure there will be a lot, as soon as I reach my motherland. I am used to a state of bliss and have fallen into a comfortable routine and will be jolted to reality as soon as I hit home base.

Till that time, friends keep reading.

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