Sunday, April 22, 2007

Cultural Learnings of Amreeka, the US of A for the benefit of Desi Peepal...

I landed in US of A with a mundane task of completing my Company Assignment. To make my life eventful, my roomate announced without any forewarning that there will be a lady arriving at the house in 15 mins.

Soon, my roomate arrived alongwith the Lady, who in turn brought two of her friends(Guys). Soon, it came to our knowledge that amongst the two gentlemen accompanying her, one was her Colleague and the Other one was her Boss. Supposedly, the Boss was instrumental in getting her to this "Mother of IT" state California on H1B. Well, the ratio of 5 guys to 1 girl would have been pretty intimidating for the poor lass, but she was carrying out her part well.

As per the plan we landed up at the downtown pub. After a few sundowners, we all felt like Michael jackson (or Gurdas Mann/Daler Mehndi) was seething inside us to get out. On the dancefloor we all started shaking our legs and combining the jive, the salsa, the bhangra, the Giddha and some of the latest invented steps.

Now, already on the wrong side of 25 and having rubbed asses with many girls in my b-school I decided to give the youngsters a fair chance and shifted a bit away.

Now, the Lady, already was finding it difficult to handle the affections of 5 boys and as the tempo rose, the Boss (Lady's friend), started gyrating towards the lady, the Colleague(Another Friend of Lady), surely not the one to give up easily, started making strange noises(mating calls perhaps) and started dancing in full blast. This jambooree, continued till Boss said enough and grabbed the Lady by the waist and started swaying with her. The Lady (Still at the mercy of Boss) didn't do anything to thwart off this move, apart from an uncomfortable smirk on her face.

The Boss eventually realised that he would have ample opportunities to get ROI (Return on Investment) in more private surroundings and let the poor lady go. The Lady kept on jiving for some more time before citing a timeout for a glass of water and some fresh air, certainly her soul needed more fresh Air than her Lungs.
Meanwhile, as I was amused by these power games, a lonely soul (a Mexican gal) started matching steps with me. In less than 2 minutes it became clear that we both were born with 2 left feet.

During this melle, I also found myself grabbed from behind by a tall dark lass and being made to groove with her. So, technically I was harassed for the first time, but I decided not to protest as I enjoyed it.

Thus, came to an end a beautiful evening which was showcased with a rainbow of emotions. But, in the True spirit of 'Khushwant Singh', I decided to be a neutral observer of surroundings.

Na kahu se Bair, Na kahu se Dosti - Khushwant Singh
(No Enemity, No friendship)

Till Next one
TC Cheers

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